From Fear & Loathing To ShitCoin Salvation.

So I am going to show you a gem. One of the most undervalued L1 projects in the space right now. But first let me take you back to a low point I faced in my not so distant past.

Its getting to be a bit of a problem. It started off as a livener to add a bit of fizz to that same old same old. Now don’t get me wrong, same old same old weren’t so bad, in fact the same old same old was pretty fucking good. It’s when you have to much of a good thing, you want something different, something extra. So nowadays, finding those low cap gems has become a thing of the past, a distant memory, an ember burning in the cold depths of my deepest memories….now I buy jpegs,

There I said it. I buy monkeys and frogs, birds, badgers, buffalo, beavers, seals, sharks, scantily clad southeast Asian anime art, paint blotches, squiggles, pickles, pebbles and armed Lego rebels…I’ve got to stop. I need an intervention.

Warning: 12 Days with no sleep bulk buying NFTs can seriously impact your health

I picked up my laptop, flipped onto my watchlist and picked one. I picked one. I picked One.

Let me tell you about One Ledger, aid my recovery, keep me focused. When I focus I find things.

$OLT — Is the most undervalued L1.

Now let’s get what I hate out the way first. Yes, they have developed a functional Vaccine Passport. Yes I am morally against this crazy control web the elites of the world are trapping us in but I’m also of the opinion that it’s so late in the day thatfinancial freedom is the only escape for now. So Vax passport, someone was going to bring it on chain and One Ledger have, I’m happy riding the coat-tails of clear agenda moves. It has served me well with all of my long term holds, no reason to doubt the process now. So yes, I hate it but I’m not that picky about how I eat that I’ll turn my nose up at an easy run (within legal constraints, obviously, I have moral levels higher than your average bearded justice warrior). This feels like an easy run, not overnight but over the next couple of months…still an easy run.

Rant over.

So, One Ledger, in my view, it is the most undervalued L1 (and works in L2 capacity for multi chain interoperability) around right now. I love KDA and HTR too but jeez One Ledger is so in the shadows in comparison.

It’s not a new project, it’s been around a couple of years and only caused a ripple for gem seekers when it hit Kucoin. It did the usual, shot up, plateaued, retraced and then ranged. It’s getting ready for a pump. It’s a catalyst driven pump this time, not a listing pump. OLVM is launching in a fortnight, when it does, this thing will snowball.

What is OVLM? Ok, let’s reel it back a bit first

One Ledger’s main aim is to make onboarding for real world business simple. In short, it provides block-chain as a service. It can tailor interoperable but secure solutions with a hybrid assortment of private and public chains seamlessly bridged. In short it can allow business to take advantage of all that block chain technology has to offer whilst maintaining privacy and security.

Functional main and test nets are live and there is a lot of build activity in the Dapp area.

Along with the hated vaxx passport there are many further examples of One Ledgers disruptive tech.

A multi chain wallet, working cross chain bridges, real estate NFT marketplace, stable coin development for welfare services, OLVM (sooon!) One Dex (Multichain). $OLT will be used in everything, this is a key point.

There was a very recent announcement that pulled One Ledger into the spotlight although this seems under the radar now that the pump chasers have left the building. One Ledger have partnered with Chainlink, not like every project just using price feeds, actual partnership. The goal, development of a CBDC. This is also a key point, think volume, think of the demand for $OLT. Now I think this is likely to be for a country in the Caribbean given the work done previously by the team, even so, every journey starts with a single step (I still expect Quant to dominate the CBDC space). Or a shit hot proof of concept.

Talking of partnerships. Google Cloud, Forbes and IBM are some of the big names currently tied into One Ledger. Not bad indeed! I expect many bluechips to gravitate here for L2 services utilising the Ethereum block-chain. The Polkadot integration is also a massive driver for adoption.

Recently we have seen One Ledger join forces with @TestDevLab a globally recognised software QA giant who can count Microsoft as co-workers! This level of quality assurance gives confidence and will help with areas of government and regulated industry making the leap into block-chain technology.

And did I mention it is cheap, it is also fast, lightning fast.

So onto OLVM.

Basically it allows for Devs to write smart contracts in java that can scale across multiple chains. This opens the door for a world of new ideas, Solidity is pretty niche, Java is commonplace. Apps can be built at pace with ease. Definite first mover advantage.

Now all of this great stuff needs $OLT for fees, every year a percentage of profits are used to buy back the native token which is pooled and a governance vote held. A decision is made on how much of this pool to burn and how much to return to supply.

At present just under half of the 1 billion full supply is in circulation. The rest is locked in marketing/team/company reserves with the largest portion locked in the community reserve pool. The community pool is used for staking rewards and bug bounties.

Current market cap is $9million and it’s currently retracing post mini pump. Even at 10x still hideously undervalued.

Doxxed team consisting of former PWC, IBM and Forbes employees and C-suite execs with many years experience in the technology space, this seems too corporate to remain under the radar for long.

Check out the LinkedIn link below to view the career paths and achievments of this team. George Connolly holds a lot of weight in the tech space in the Caribbean regions. Interesting for a possible CBDC pilot?

Morals aside, I think $OLT is going to inject some competition into the L1 space. Pardon the pun anon, I just really want to buy a heavily armed Sloth but I shall not falter, I will become NFT free.

To buy $OLT I used Kucoin where there are a few OLT markets available.

Check out the socials and sites, do a bit of digging yourself.







CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x64a60493d888728cf42616e034a0dfeae38efcf0

If you are still struggling to see the potential I see, go and pull up the market caps of HTR, KDA, ZIL, UBT, DOT, ADA, LUNA, SOL and MOVR. Now look at the room for growth. With partners like One Ledger have you can take an educated guess on how the market cap gap will close over the coming months and years.

And that is all. Now fuck off and let me smoke this baseball bat….



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