Stax the Moonwalker — Return of the Red-Eye

Millionaires Row. London — Present Day — 11.38 am.

Waking from a night of debauchery, I saw stars, lots of stars.

An alien lifeform was in close proximity. I panicked. I flashed back to hazy mental images of entering a black hole, the fear, did I make it out….

It turns out I did. That wasn’t a real alien either, it was [REDACTED], the waitress from that cocktail bar with the wrap around 360 view of the city, where I vaguely remember spending way too much money and racking up way too many stripes the previous evening…. Damn. I really need to stop taking these ET’s (Easy targets) home with me. Another close encounter of the regrettable kind.

So, after I had winged it through the awkward small talk and managed to pack [REDACTED] off with a ‘we have to do that again soon, I’ll call you’ it hit me, as it always does, shit, lets write that one off and blame the Wray & Nephew Stax.

In my hungover state I wobbled into the kitchen, but I couldn’t shake that feeling, somewhere somehow, I’ve missed something.

Halfway through my second double espresso it clicked.

You aren’t done with Space yet Stax, not by a long shot.

7 Months Ago

I was dredging through the low cap shit bin on Coin Gecko when I came across $SPC, it was the utility token for a project called Space Chain (You can see where this is going right). Initially I thought it was some fucked up leftovers from DEFI summer and almost skipped straight past it.

Thankfully, I’m an inquisitive arsehole most of the time and I ended up on the website reading through the blurb. What I read was like something out of a science fiction movie. This project is putting nodes into space on satellites. Now I sort of laughed like, why the fuck would you want to do that, but being a bit bored of the gem hunt I carried on reading. There was some pointers to a future launch of an ETH node and after a quick scan of the FAQ’s and the team I realised it was on QTum and I lost interest and moved on, not because QTum is crap tech, more to do with the fact that the masses don’t even know it exists. This is a tragedy in itself as the Smart Contract (POS — Proof of Stake) capabilities of the QTum Chain are some of the best around, but the fact remains I’m in it for money, dollar, cold hard readies. So if the volumes low…I can’t make dough.

When you are as intoxicated as I generally am things of no importance leave your short term memory at an insane rate, and like that it was gone.

Fast Forward to 3rd June 2021

I was sat reading through the fear fest that was my timeline on twitter when I saw something that caught my eye, Falcon 9. Given the recent insanity around all things Space related I assumed it related to the GEC Space plaque tokens (KAPPA, GAMMA, RHO & BETA) so I started reading. Ethereum goes to space, uhm how? An Ethereum node is heading to the International Space Station (ISS),

I carried on reading, it was an interesting idea but I moved on to dissecting the next tweet. Tik Tok investor gets rekt on some random rug pull meme coin, that sort of thing.

When you are as intoxicated as I generally am things of no importance leave your short term memory at an insane rate, and like that it was gone.

Fast Forward to 5th June 2021

When my groggy brain finally synchronised and the electrons kicked in…oh shit, that Qtum coin, they were doing that node thing .

I still didn’t think it was anything major even if it was Space Chain. I decided to check. I ended up back on the website, first thing I noticed was that it was their node, then I noticed they had been plugging away relentlessly since I’d last been here. Interesting.

I decided to do a much deeper dive than the first skim through and found something interesting straight away. $SPC had become a dual chain token (ERC20 and QRC20) and even better news was that the migration to V2 was underway. V2 is pure ERC20. Interesting reasoning behind the move too:

Space DEFI. What the hell is that!

Right this has got me interested now, I spent two hours just rooting through the site, the wealth of information is insane. If you get into the white paper and blog posts you will be sacrificing your entire weekend because it will take you a few days to absorb everything! So what caught my eye?

Firstly I looked at the team which is fully doxxed and in the public eye, the CEO is vocal and in attendance at the right forums and industry meets which is positive but this is what really got my attention:

Jeff is the sort of person you need on a project like this, a true innovator. The connections to Satoshi himself are an insane rubber stamp on his credentials and skill set but you can’t understate the Linux experience. He seems to know code like only very few in crypto actually do. Jeff isn’t just tech whizz, he has a touch of the sales department about him to if you listen to him speak, evangelical is the word that comes to mind! I love a project where the top boy lives and breathes the mission goal.

The investors and advisers are equally impressive and as well as including big wigs from Nanoracks (we will come to this), you will find none other than Tim Draper.

Tim Draper is a legend in VC circles having been an early investor in Skype, Hotmail and Tesla (Elon on speed dial?) but the most interesting investment from his portfolio has to be none other than Space X. Interesting.

In terms of partnerships, the list has some golden nuggets if you take the time to dig into the backstories. Nexus we all know but some of the others are a little more obscure.

Nanoracks anyone?

I opened the site after a particularly heavy smoking session, zoooooom straight over my head, I had to come back later to really get what this meant for the Space Chain bigger picture. In short, Nanoracks are tied up with none other than NASA! They provide the launch services for various types of satellites including cubesats as well as being a sort of travel agency for reaching the ISS. So put it together, Space Chain//Nanoracks//NASA. So the biggest space agency in the world is within reach for the Space Chain project. Lets keep looking.

ESA — The European Space Agency.

In essence the European NASA. Spacechain have opened a UK based offshoot to their global business with the express view of increasing opportunities for LEO cover across the European sub-continent. You will find discussions and impending partnerships in each of the worlds regions, with passing through local level legislation to facilitate the end goal of global satellite coverage the primary aim. This is massive.

And why would global coverage be a good thing or even important? Two words come to mind, supply chain. In a world where internet coverage is limited to the more accessible areas of the globe, the planets ocean space is relatively unchartered. Shipping is a massive part of global trade and at present an up to the minute status of goods & provisions down to item level is virtually non-existent. Global tracking of shipments is a growth industry and nobody else is doing it from orbit…except Space Chain!

I am dead against IoT, I hate the idea of everything being connected, data collected and 24/7 tracking of people and objects but *Sighs* tis the future. All part of the global control net that we are slowly being strangled with. If you have followed my previous investments you will know I subscribe to the if you can’t beat ’em join ’em philosophy. I buy everything that pushes this agenda as these are the projects that will withstand the bull/bear cycles of the cryptocurrency sector.

Space Chains ability to monitor from above and transfer data between nodes and ground level receivers is perfect for the IoT industry and as such I can see this gaining a lot of traction in the near distant future.

But we are not going to stop there, this is just the start of an immense plan. Think off planet data storage, interplanetary transactions, solar system wide smart contract execution, space governance and data transmission. $SPC will be the currency for all of Space Chains dApps and services.

The other thing I liked was that this project has been building solidly for 4 years, sounds like a long time in the crypto world where projects drop every day but equally seem to vanish just as fast. Space Chain has been putting the work in with some tangible results, we already covered the Ethereum node on the ISS and the first multi-sig Bitcoin wallet in orbit was another massive milestone. The road map is a journey of growth and ambition! Last year the project conducted the first multi-sig transaction in space through the European Space Agencies kick start programme.

There is so much more on the horizon for this talented team, the proof is in the pudding and Space Chain have been continuously delivering in stealth mode. I see no reason for that to change what with all of the partners present and future adding to the ever growing ecosystem.

Quote from Guardtime (ESA Project Partner):

There is clearly so much in store for Space Chain as the heart of the EO ecosystem. What more you ask? Well how’s about mining the moon!

Look I know I’m a chronic weed smoker, I know I’ve played about with a Mike Tyson sized stash of DMT and wolfed down numerous funky mushroom omelettes, I know I’ve drank an oceans worth of Wray & Nephew and yes I’ve taken a few beatings in my wilder days but, this isn’t fiction, this shit is actually happening now, piece this together my fellow gem hunters.

Point to note. QUADRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. I don’t even know what a quadrillion is but I do know that I want one!

So how could this operate, sounds like a wild west scenario with lasers and teleporting death stars….

Well obviously the future will be AI and Robotics, and these are two areas that respond well to structured orders and parameters, perfect for blockchain, perfect for smart contract instruction and control. Space DAO anyone??

So in the interests of the human elements not succumbing to the usual greed and territorialism as is inherent on the blue planet some form of monetary bond to back the laws of space commerce would be an essential element of decentralisation. And so….


I think this is a great project, I am not investing in a quick 5x flip here, I’m thinking big, bigger than bull runs or DEFI summers. I’m thinking to infinity and beyond to quote that coneheaded cartoon astronaut of Toy Story fame. This is one I will be holding for the duration.

So why isn’t it all over crypto twitter if its such a great project? Well I think that is down to the lack of marketing around the migration to ERC-20. Previously QTum and the availability for purchase would have put a spanner in the works for most normies looking to invest. Now we have $SPC available on ERC-20 DEX’s such as Uniswap. Everyone with a Metamask (other wallets are available sir) can get a piece.

The supply isn’t small in any aspect, 304,054,089 in circulation and fully diluted 606,107,753. Large numbers, but bear in mind when something is a currency for an eco system these are pretty normal numbers. Given this is the start of a QUADRILLION DOLLAR industry the growth potential still remains in a similar ratio as something from the DEFI world with a much lower supply. Even at $2 this is still small beans for what it will do in a fully functional platform. Take the escrow capability above, if that has to be paid in SPC then who knows how price will appreciate.

Links to the site are embedded above so go do some reading people! Now is a great time to buy with the ongoing institutional manipulation of crypto markets and prices. I’m loading up but you do you, either way this isn’t the last you will hear about Space Chain, in fact you might just see it if you smoke a big bowl of Wedding Cake and tilt your head upwards :D

Contract Address: 0x86ed939b500e121c0c5f493f399084db596dad20

Coin Gecko

And on that note, I’ve got to go, [REDACTED] is on her way round and she wants to see my telescope. Adios amigos, stay litty.

Stax — Alpha Von Moonwalker — First of his name, finder of space coins, smoker of demon chronic, drinker of fire water. Lock your wives away and stay bullish bitches.



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